Leo New Moon Do’s and Don’ts

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On Wednesday, August 16th at 5:38 am ET, we have a New Moon in the self-expressive and optimistic fire sign of Leo.

What does New Moons mark?

New Moons mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and most importantly, the beginning of something new: a project, a job, a hobby, etc. It’s all about new changes and setting intentions!

What happens on a Leo New Moon?

Leos are ambitious and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish great endeavors using their fun and creative skills.

Leos rule the heart, spine, circulation and major arteries in the body. The heart is the center of physical and emotional life and the back is the center of bodily support.

In the astrology wheel chart, Leo rules the fifth house of romance and self-expression.

What to do during this Leo New Moon?

1. Diet and workout

Opt for a low-cholesterol diet and pumped up cardio workouts.

2. Energy sessions

Energy sessions that focus on the heart chakra.

3. Manifest an intention

Light a candle with the intention you wish to manifest during this moon cycle.

4. Create a vision board

Create a vision board with goals, dreams and projects.

5. Journaling

Write about what you want to co-create in your life and take action to make your visions a reality.

6. Activate your creative side

Activate your creative side, develop a craft, dance or sing!

Things Not to do during this Leo New Moon

-Don’t quit something you truly care about.
-Don’t avoid meeting new people. Go out, socialize and have fun.
-Don’t resist changes: emotional revelations may show up, new perspectives or a change of heart about a situation.
-Don’t lose touch with your inner child. Indulge in fun and creative activities.

Hope you have a fun and enlightening Leo New Moon!

Shine bright! It’s your birth-right!


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2 thoughts on “Leo New Moon Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. lillian Murray

    I appreciate your loving guidance and knowledge always! Thank you for sharing this information! I love the new moon energy!

    Thank you Zinnia !

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