If you need support or advice on specific therapies, please contact me! I will be more than happy to assist you.

“Awaken to your Highest Potential” Package

This bundle is wonderful for individuals that are seeking profound changes and results in their life. I will guide and support you in your journey to connect with the best version of yourself.  

Release beliefs, blocks and patterns that are not allowing you to connect with your highest potential.

Coaching sessions.
Online or in person Yoga and personal meditation sessions.
Family constellation therapy sessions (up to 2 hours each).
Personal Astrology chart Reading.

“Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation” Mini Retreats

Bringing the zen to your family, friends and co-workers.

This package is wonderful for employee gatherings, family and friends for a day of de-stress, recharge and relax!

Online Fitness or Yoga stretches (Mat or chair).
Breathing techniques.
Sound Bath therapy.
Chair Massage.
Aromatherapy. Create your own essential oil rollers or spray!
Crystal Healing.

“Enhance your Well-being” Package

Release stress, learn ways to cope with stress and anxiety, enhance productivity and overall well-being for yourself and your staff.

These are some of the offerings but  they can be customized to the client’s needs. Please contact me for details and pricing.

Interactive Online or in person Well-Being Workshops.
Breathing techniques.
Mindfulness sessions.
Online Fitness or Gentle Yoga stretches (Mat or chair).
Guided Meditations.
Sound Bath session.

Mindful Yoga

The purpose of mindful Yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in your body.


It helps to clear, balance and boost energy levels throughout your body.

Holistic Massage

Mainly focus on releasing tension and blockages in the physical body to bring more balance and relaxation.


Discover your own unique birth chart and learn to understand yourself better

Crystal Healing

With the help of crystals I can help you release stagnant energies within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

Family Constellations

A type of therapy that can help release patterns, blockages and limited behaviours that were passed down through your lineage.

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