If you love NATURE these RETREATS are for you!


If you love Nature, Yoga, Meditation and Connect with like-minded souls, these RETREATS are for you!


I am passionate about creating community, supporting and empowering everyone who attends my retreats.


From Sedona, Mt. Shasta, Miami and Colorado, I am always looking for magical places to host Healing & Nature retreats!

Upcoming Retreats


An Italian Enchanting Journey Retreat – March 22nd to 28th, 2025

Welcome! Join me in this sacred and magical journey to the most beautiful villages of Southern Italy, learn their history

Past Retreats


Women’s Healing Retreat

Welcome! This sacred and powerful Women’s Retreat brought deep transformation and profound healing to all!


The Colorado Healing & Yoga Retreat

Welcome! Our Colorado Nature and Healing Retreat was truly magical and rejuvenating! 

10/1/21 To 10/4/21

The Sedona Healing & Yoga Retreat

Welcome! Sedona is widely known as a spiritual wellness destination with several vortexes believed to emit energy and act as a portal for celestial and terrestrial spirits!

4/29/21 To 5/2/21
Mt. Shasta

The Mt. Shasta Healing & Yoga Retreat

Welcome! We had a truly magical Healing Retreat in a sacred place called Mount Shasta, CA! 

6/1/20 To 6/4/20
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