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I met Zinnia seven years ago and knew right away our connection was genuine , she has a beautiful healing heart (and hands) and you will find yourself wanting to learn more from her and engaging with her harmonious energy. I always look forward to my time with Z! Thank you for your continued enlightening service to our community. I love everything you do and share! I can’t wait for my next reiki ,yoga therapy and massage! I don’t want to forget to mention every Crystal or piece of jewelry I buy from you has been absolutely divine and treasured . Thank you, thank you.

Lillian Murray

We had the most incredible and heartfelt experience with Lillian and Zinnia who graciously shared their gift providing us with such an amazing Reiki and Sound Bath experience with us. Words can hardly capture the depth of our gratitude how transformative each session has been. From the moment we walked in we felt how serene and soothing the atmosphere they had created for this journey and we knew we were in for something truly special.

We love how genuine they are, and their expertise and passion has been evident in every gentle touch and soothing energy flow.

We were both amazed at how quickly we felt a sense of profound relaxation and inner peace. As we’ve experienced this journey with them, we can feel the amazing progress and positive energy that surrounds us, melting away the stress or tension we had been carrying.

What truly stood out was the genuine care and intention they put into every aspect of the session. It was abundantly clear that they not only possessed a deep understanding of Reiki and Sound Bath but also a deep connection to us as individuals. Their ability to create a safe and nurturing space allowed us to fully surrender to the experience, opening ourselves to amazing healing energies.

We left the session feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and deeply connected to each other. It was as if the session had not only harmonized our energies but also deepened our bond as a couple. We wholeheartedly recommend this experience to everyone, especially couples looking for a unique and profoundly meaningful way to connect on a deeper level.

If you’re seeking a special and intimate experience for yourself or to share with your other half, look no further than the gifted hands and hearts of Lillian and Zinnia. Their genuine love for what they do creates an unforgettable journey of healing, connection, and bliss.

Thank you again to both of you, for sharing your incredible gift with us. We are forever grateful for the magical experience you provided and the positive impact it has had on our lives.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! Your gift came at a time when I needed guidance. Sending you love & peace!

Y. Celino
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