Tourmalinated Quartz Small Polished Heart


The black tourmaline stone purifies and protects, creating a shield against negative energy or filtering negativity into positive energy.

Tourmalinated quartz combines these traits to become the perfect grounding crystal for healing and balancing energies.

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Tourmalinated quartz is a sophisticated crystal with a myriad of practical and spiritual uses. By combining the masterful healing of clear quartz with black tourmaline’s protection, this healing stone helps you feel more centered, self-aware and grounded.

Ways you can use Tourmalinated Quartz:

Enhance your meditation and increase mindfulness by holding a tourmaline quartz crystal or having it near you. Set an intention for your meditation. If you need clarity, speak it aloud. Then, stare at the crystal and breathe deeply. Focus your energy through the crystal, and let it absorb your negative thoughts.

Wear or Carry It With You
As we mentioned before, being around different people’s energies all day can be draining. However, wearing tourmalinated quartz jewelry or carrying a piece around with you serves as your personal negativity filter. In turn, it’ll be more challenging for any bad vibes to penetrate your energy shield.

Keep It in Your Room
Keeping a piece of tourmalinated quartz crystal in your room has several benefits — it serves as a visual reminder to slow down and be in the moment and purifies the space by absorbing harmful energies, so you don’t have to.

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