Angel Aura Rose Quartz Small Tower


When you connect with Aura Rose Quartz, you feel infused with the magic of love. This stone has all the natural Rose Quartz properties which are magnified by the metals used to create its flashy rainbow, pink sheen. By heat treating Rose Quartz with platinum, the crystal is transformed with a full spectrum of iridescent hues. The platinum brings its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy.

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– Nourishes you with self-love, love for life, a sense of romance and increased compassion for others.
– Draws love to you and enables you to love more fully in return
– Cleanses your aura with loving and high frequency energy
– Eases pain, transforms energies in and around the home, calms nerves, helps one parent with more grace, heals the heart space, allows for flowing and easy communication, brings peace to the bearer, and more.
– Facilitates communication and connection with Higher Realms, with our guides, and with our past lives

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × 1 in
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