Raw Octahedron Purple Fluorite Stone


Fluorite is part of the halide family of gemstones. Within this family, you’ll find stones that are of every color of the rainbow. One of the most interesting one is Purple Fluorite.

The meaning of Purple Fluorite is all about expanding and awakening the spirit.

It is a powerful stone that helps to increase intuition and gain insights.

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Increases intuition and understanding that “gut feeling”
-Great for students, as it aids in concentration and mental clarity
-Cleanses and renews the chakras
-Increases mental, physical and spiritual strength

The shape encourages one to reflect inwards upon the self, then outwards towards others – showing how all our interactions reflect upon each other.

One of the most powerful ways to access the benefits of this sacred crystal shape – is to place a Fluorite Octahedron on your third eye, relax and breath the color of the octahedron into your heart and third eye center.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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