Aragonite Cluster


Aragonite is known as the “Conservationist’s stone,” Aragonite’s vibration encourages conservation and care for the planet, both helping the Earth and healing for you.

The stone’s color is typically a dark brown or black, but specimens of red, white, yellow, and orange-red have been found in Mexico and the Canary Islands.

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Aragonite is great for grounding you and helping to pull your energy down from your crown chakra down to the center of the planet where it can be re-grounded into the earth.

Aragonite is also known as a stone of the earth and carries energies from the earth. Aragonite can be beneficial for those who are working on becoming more grounded and present in this life.

It is a great stone to use when you’re feeling scattered or unfocused. Placing an aragonite crystal on your third eye can help to clear up any mental confusion.

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